A Desire Prayer

Spirit of Life, help us to see that each life is a miracle,

how our expression of ourselves is not simply born at birth but emerges as our genes and this wild human existence intertwine.

Show us that who we love, what we love, and why, are woven in a rich plaid tapestry of identity and desire.
Help us to become deeply connected to each other’s soul.
Help us to call each other by our “true names.”
Help others to see us.
Help us to stay open, humbly see the beauty in each person’s expression of themselves
on any given day.
Help us to affirm the patchwork of qualities

that make us who we are

that make us happy

that make us beautiful.

Help us to welcome the stranger and the outcast,
help us to see each other whole.
For this and more, we are so grateful.


Would you like to use my words?
Please use full citation for print and web. Please use my name for worship or speech. If you can, send me a message to let me know.

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