Top 10 of 2018.

  1. Interviewed with the Ministerial Fellowship Committee, concluding an 11 year process.
  2. Celebrated my 34th birthday with my closest friends in Big Bear.
  3. Led a workshop and an affinity group for people with chronic conditions.
  4. Met two precious wonderful newborn twins.
  5. Got engaged in Maui to a very dreamy person!
  6. Flew to Europe by myself, explored Spain with my sweetie.
  7. Co-led a 14 day spiritual hike across Transylvania for 19 North Americans.
  8. Joined an academic writing club and actually wrote.
  9. Best lady-ed at my best friend’s wedding.
  10. Witnessed at the US-Mexico border to support the human right to migrate, affirm the dignity and humanity of asylum-seekers, and demand an end to militarized borders

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