2018-2019 Courses

Sexual Ethics

Zoom, weekly.


Sexuality is sacred. This intensive course examines the role of sexual health for faith communities and their leaders. Students will engage key theological, ethical and public health perspectives on themes in sexual ethics, including: sexual freedom and responsibility, pleasure and desire, boundaries and consequences, heteropatriarchy and resistance, responding to violence and misconduct, abortion care, reproductive technologies, and prophetic witness for sexual justice. The course also provides students pursuing ministry and leadership within a tradition the opportunity to demonstrate their competency in professional clergy sexual ethics and promoting sexually healthy congregations. Particular emphasis is paid to queer and womanist/feminist voices on sexuality and faith. Evaluation is based on participation and discussion leadership, as well as case study analysis. It is open to both high- and low-residence students who have consistent access to technology requirements. Students should have taken the ECO Seminar, passed another course related to systemic oppression, or be willing to take a pre-course module. Relates to SKSM Threshold 5 and fulfills required course content for MFC Competency 2

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