New project idea | Religious/spiritual practices following hospitalization and activation of outpatient care among underserved patients

By investigating lived experience from underserved patients’ perspectives, I expect to better grasp how hospitalization influences access and use of religious/spiritual practices that underserved patients engaged prior to being hospitalized; understanding these influences and changes might make a difference in the strategies employed to support underserved patients with religious/spiritual needs in their coping.

Dissertation | “How Connected is This Heart?”: The Religious and Spiritual Lives of Women of Color with Heart Disease

Religion/spirituality may be as complex a characteristic as race, culture, age, sexuality, gender, or socioeconomic status. Yet, religion/spirituality is not frequently included in sociological analysis with these other factors. For Women of Color who are dealing with chronic conditions, such as heart disease, religion/spirituality is both a health resource and an important facet of daily…

Rev. Dr. Megan Visser

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