I bring over a decade of experience in teaching, mentoring, and service in higher education to my professional work. As an instructor, I offer a warm introduction to academically rigorous material and real-world applications of new knowledge and skills. I provide a comfortable space for deep reflection, support and care to students. I also believe the university’s walls are permeable: links between the community and the classroom help foster vocational discernment and lasting personal growth. Thus, I invest time in building cross-disciplinary, non-profit and social movement relationships. These often shape opportunities for mutual benefits of community leaders and learners.

My pedagogical style is responsive to feminist, queer, and liberatory methods. I embrace student input and self-reflection as I lead students in developing embodied, critical perspectives on issues that span multiple viewpoints, contexts, and concerns. I use dialogue, multimedia, and case study analysis to cultivate shared meaning that “sticks” with you — take what you learn in the classroom into your professional life and communities.

Beyond the in-person, semester format, I have extensive experience teaching in online, asynchronous, intensive weeklong, and block formats.

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